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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  July 15, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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district. there was great celebration when the measure passed but the celebration quickly turned into a court battle. >> and it does not work for the best interests of the next generation of children. >> reporter: bishop hairy jackson of hope christian church led the charge. today the court denied his request for a refer end all. >> if people don't have to vote on heterosexual marriage, they don't have to vote on gay marriage. >> reporter: he considers same- sex marriage a slippery slope. >> let's tall it what it is. there is a lot of money out there in vitriol and hate. and paramedics telling the story of an unusual rescue and one dog gone happy patient. >> reporter: a request from police came to this house where a victim appeared to be bleeding to death after a mauling by two pit bulls. the victim was pelluch, a 3-
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year-old spaniel. yes, people paramedics called to help a dying dog. >> the patient couldn't talk to you, but he -- working with the dog is almost like helping a person. >> it was nice like a real person. >> reporter: his owners shocked that people paramedics showed up to save their dog. >> he was liking them too. >> reporter: and fire and ems officials do not want people calling 911 for pet emergencies. but in this rare situation, when it was the police who called for help, the firefighters here were ready to take the call. i'm surae chinn in arlington where two students soccer match cost $150,000 worth of damage and the school's insurance company wants them to pay up. it's pitted the school and parents in a bitter match of its own. >> no, i think it's a complete accident. >> reporter: the damage clearly caught on this iphone. the torn up gym floor, walls and ceiling. >> they were juggling the ball around in the hallway and it happened to hit one of the
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sprinklers. >> reporter: the soccer ball tripped the hallway sprinkler which ended up flooding the gym causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages. the school has said the insurance company has determined that the students negligent and are seeking compensation. the school refused to go on camera. some people say it seems unreasonable to hold the children and their parents liable for damages. >> it's easy to trip off a sprinkler and anybody could have done it and i don't think they should be held liable. the power is back on tonight at reagan national airport. a fire at an electrical substation this morning left two terminals running on generator power for almost 3 hours. some flights were delayed and other canceled and those that did take off took off without passengers because they were stuck in lines. >> my sister who had preprinted her boarding pass got on the night and she's in the air to
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louisville and i'm stuck here on a flight that doesn't leave until 58. >> 8:00. we told you monday about a water pipe luke with unit 2. crews say when they tried to restart that reactor yesterday, a voltage regulator didn't perform and now unit one reactor is also shut down tonight because it's got leaks in a steam line. the nuclear regulatory commission said the other two reactors are operating at full capacity. well get your chance next week to weigh in on plans to build a new high transmission power line through maryland, virginia and west virginia. supporters say the high line will ease the strain on the power grid. the pub public meeting is monday in harpers ferry and tuesday in purcellville and thursday in frederick. you can get more information on the meeting at just click on the living green.
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let's get to the traffic now. patranya is in the traffic center. >> it's after 7:00 on a thursday. and things looking good from the 395, past the 14th street bridge, duke to the mixing bowl, no problems on the main line and the h.o.v. lanes. moving on to 495, inner loop traffic easing but we're still seeing painfully slow delays from 270 spur to the toll road. i'm giving drivers 20 minutes to get through the stretch. no accidents through virginia and maryland at this point. and finally, for those leaving town on 50 eastbound, let's fly over there. and everyone is on the green path 495 through bowie and folks are heading out of town early for the three-day weekend, no problems heading out east. a spokesperson for arlington national cemetery said several graves had to be repaired over the last couple of days because some of the grave sites had started to sink after all of that rain we've had lately. the impacted graves were in sections 59 and section 60.
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attempts are being made to contact the next of kin but cemetery staff say the rain just caused the ground to settle a bit. not looking much like rain out there tonight. topper is on the terrace with your forecast. but there are storms in some places. >> we're in good shape. just a foot note to the story. the national lawn and landscape association is going to donate time on monday, the 14th annual where they spruce up arlington national cemetery. it's a good cause. let's talk about the forecast first. we'll keep the chance of an isolated thunderstorm in early. otherwise clear to partly cloudy and warm and quite frankly kind of muggy. mid to upper 70s downtown and low 70s in the suburbs. right now temperatures are down from the high of 93. 88 -- 89 at national, 88 at gaithersburg. and 92 down in fredericksberg. we'll come back and talk about how long the heat will be with us and we'll look ahead to the weekend and the prospect of big storms. derek. well the fashional transportation safety board is due to issue it's final report
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on last summer's deadly metro crash later this month. 9 people died when a red line train rear-ended another train near the fort totten station. that final report is due out july 27th. the 16 miles of the purple line runs into a case of not in my backyard. well today the maryland transit authority decided it would be best to have two sets of tracks for the entire way. lindsey mastis talked to one set of kids in the chevy chase neighborhood and they'll telling it like it is. >> it's like you're going to put a metro system in my backyard? >> reporter: 11-year-old dennis and his older sister colleen's house backs up to the trail. >> my house is right here and literally 100 feet from my house there is going to be a train coming through. >> reporter: they live right here. the backyard is just feet from the trail. their worried there is not enough room to put two rail lines. >> i think they'll have to come
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into our yards a little bit and it's not going to be good. >> reporter: while most neighbors we talked to say they oppose the purple line, some admit it could happen its benefits. >> for all i know, it could end up increasing property values. >> reporter: but andrew miller said taking away trees and serene trails isn't worth the risk. >> just like putting in any major highway through a neighborhood. >> reporter: jeff green wald said for people like him who work nearby, the purple line would be a benefit. >> i think in the long run it will help to reduce some of the traffic and maybe provide a better environment condition. >> reporter: but he doesn't have to live with tracks in his backyard. >> this is a neighborhood so it's going to be hard for people to adjust to having a train going through their backyard. >> don't do it. >> reporter: in chevy chase, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> and if all goes as plans, construction will begin sometime next year into and on the 86th day, it stopped.
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still to come, the latest on what is looking like a successful test to cap the gulf oil leak. into but first guilty plea. what today's deal in greenbelt means for nba player delonte west. that's coming up. this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now.
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cleveland cavalier delonte west has pled guilty to weapons charges after reaching a plea
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deal with prosecutors. last september officers pulled him over in greenbelt for speeding and reckless driving and then police found two loaded handguns, a loaded shotgun and an 8-inch knife. attorneys say he was simply moving those weapons from one home to another. as part of the plea deal, the judge sentenced west to 8 months of electronic monitoring and home detention, two years of unsupervised probation and 40 hours of community service and counseling. >> i'm ready to get on with my career and put this behind me and looking forward to doing positive things on the court and most likely my biggest contributions are going to come off the court. i'll make sure of that. >> and he can play professional basketball while he serves the sentence. members of the american lacrosse team are in limbo but holding out hope to make it to the second game of the world lacrosse championship tz. they are sitting in a hotel in
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new york after the british government said it would not recognize their passports. that's because their documents are issued by the iroquois confederacy and they don't have the security features required at u.s. and english border crossings. they missed the first game this morning. it is set to play again on saturday. so what do you think? the iroquois nation may be within the nut boarders but it is not part of the this country. so should the players need u.s. passports to travel? share your thoughts on mcginty's mail bag at wes wes. an update on a virginia man who was stuck in egypt. we told you aboutia yahweh healy last month. he was sent to yemen to study era back. but when he tried to come home he learned his name was on the no-fly list and he's been stuck in egypt ever since. today he told the associated press he's coming back to the united states tomorrow but he doesn't know why the u.s.
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officials changed their mind. still ahead, topper is looking ahead to the weekend with a check on the forecast. but first, you feel like you are surrounded by idiots? not if you live around here. we'll explain, up next. ç>
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you are so smart. no really, you are. at least that's what we're hearing from a brand new study finding folks who live here in the d.c. area are smarter than the rest of the united states. we september our own bruce leshan to put the results to the test. >> what is the pieing thatery theory? >> i don't know. >> reporter: we started in bethesda, home to thousands of doctors. >> who is number three in presidential success. >> secretary of state. >> reporter: hullly hillary clinton is number four. this guy is number three. >> kim jong-il. >> reporter: the president of north korea? >> i'm kidding. >> reporter: we had to go to
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arlington, the most educated. >> who is the senate president pro tempore, for all of the marbles. >> i guess i don't have the marbles. >> fortunately my politics is rusty. >> as a law student your politics is rusty. he's from hawaii. >> well senator annoy. >> you got it. >> reporter: what could be smarter than coffee and books at kramer books in dupont circle. what element has the chemical symbol k. >> potassium. >> reporter: this is a yoga teacher rebecca blythe blew us away. >> probability of rolling two 6s? i literally got two 6s. >> 6 time 6 is 136 time to 236. >> reporter: we found a ton of smart people.
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>> got any idea who that is? >> john adams. >> reporter: one of the smartef was jude seg unwho is looking for work. >> it looks like john quincy adams. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. still he's convinced his education will pay off at some point and rebecca blythe say there are other benefits. >> dating world as well? >> yes. there is a higher standard. >> reporter: there is hope for smart guys. bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> there is hope for smart guys. the study is based on 2008 census data from the 100 largest metropolitan areas and it found that almost half the adults living in our area have college diplomas. well the president said reforming the financial regulations will make businesses and families safer. the senate passed the overhaul
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today. that creates the strictist restrictions on banks and wall street by clamping down on lending practices and expanding consumer protection. and for the first time in three months, oil is not gushing into the gulf of mexico. you are looking live at the new cap over the runtured oil well -- ruptured oil well. bp finished all three valves this afternoon. the process took almost 24 hours. now this cap is not a permanent solution. but it will help divert oil to the tack tank -- tankers on the surface until the relief wells are finished. >> the best news we have had a while. >> 83 days. i wish we had better news for the forecast because it will just stay hot. we do have a couple of chances for storms but nothing that will change the overall pattern or air mass. here is your forecast first. the next three days, temperatures tomorrow near 95 and the heat index near 100. and so we say exercise in the
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morning and not in the afternoon or evening. a slight chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. a better chance on saturday with a cold front. temperatures in the low 90s. boy that cold front doesn't do much for temperatures. it stays at 93 on sunday. we'll keep that dry for now under partly cloudy skies. breakdown for -- for friday, warm and muggy. 90 by lunchtime so it had be hot as you head out to lunch and mid-90s by evening. and some of you will run into an isolated thunderstorm on the way home. tonight we'll hang on to an early isolated storm for 30 minutes and then partly cloudy and warm. low temperatures in the 70s. winds out of the south, southwest at 10. lows tonight inside the beltway, mid-70s. maybe even upper 70s. 76 in arlington, 75 downtown, 72 in bowie. out to the west, low 70s is it. that's the low number tonight. 71 in sterling and leesberg. and 72 in manassas. now tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, hot by lunchtime, 75 to about 90 for temperatures, air
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quality code orange. that's unhealthy air. what does that mean? well it's unhealthy for kids, older adults and those with respiratory problems and so you folks should limit your time outside. the rest of us should refuel after dusk, car pool and use public transit and don't cut the grass. no problem there. afternoon, partly cloudy and hot. an isolated thunderstorm, highs around 95 and the heat index near 100. beach and boating forecast, storms on the bay, 90-94, waves 1-2 feet. dry on sunday, winds northwesterly a foot or less. now to the beach, pretty nice. storms in on saturday, 86-90, but i think that will occur late in the day. winds out of the south at 10-15 and by sunday, nice sunshine, upper 80s, winds northwesterly. the next seven days, mid-90s tomorrow, isolated storms, low 90s on saturday, a better chance of scattered storms and right now we'll keep sunday dry. low 90s. that front should stay to the
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south and low to mid-90s, derek, monday, tuesday and wednesday and just a few afternoon storms. >> i'm looking at the low on wednesday night at 78. >> not pleasant. >> sticky. from our weird news file, it takes a lot to get the attention of new yorks on subway. well here is a stuntm its princess laya from star wars about to get on the train. and she's reading gal actick rebellion for dumbies. and passengers begin to perk up when this happens. the doors open and in stride a sort of a mini storm trooper squadron and then this guy. the heavy breather himself, darth vader.
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this is ridiculous. i'm a member of the imperial senate. [ inaudible ] >> even hardened new yorkers were cracking up, applauding and they ripped out cell phones to record all of this for fox. the whole thing was acted out courtesy of a group calling itself improve everywhere. and you have to love it. almost makes you want to ride the new york subway. except for some of the cars don't have a.c. >> almost. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag at mail bag at 9 news now will be right back. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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in the mail bag tonight, a bit more reaction to the montgomery county decision to start charging folks $40 a year to use the county dog parks. last night i pointed out the real problem is that the charge likely will not go away when
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the financial crisis does. well julie from wheaton says, i hit the nail on the head. instituted fees for the dog parks when times are lean is fine, but they'll never be rescinded when times get better. truthfully, i don't have a problem with a $40 a year fee if it will net better conditions. and over on facebook page, sue said there are advantages for charging for the use of the park that means every dog in there has been registered. r. park has $20 for a registration. my dogs are safe because they can pull the registration if something happens. we've had no other problems sin the fees were put in place. interesting a sort of silver lining made even better by the fact that you paid $12 while
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dog owners in montgomery county have to shell out $40 starting august 1st and that may require a tad more silver in the lining. feel free to join the conversation at mail bag at or go over to facebook page and chime in. that is our report. i'll be right back here tonight at 11:00. and tonight we're working on what you need to do when you need help on the metro. think you ought to call 911? think again. the number you need and why you don't know about it tonight at 11:00. is always on. we'll see you a bit later. bye-bye.
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did mel gibson bruise his own child? this is "entertainment tonight." the new radar online accusation. hitting his girlfriend. bruising his baby girl. today, as the scandal goes to court, mel gibson goes under police investigation for domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon. plus, is mel gibson broke? the new expletive-laced audio tapes. >> gold digger. and oksana's plastic surgery. what she's had done and what drove mel mad. levi and bristol, in love.


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